Here, for a new generation of readers, is the exciting and witty tale of Piswyck, a young nobleman not quite ready for the world of magic and derring do his Particolored Unicorn it has bad habits it farts, and worse, it speaks in iambic pentameter , and their quest to rescue the beautiful Miranda, who has been carried off to Far Bermuda by her wicked Uncle Smagdarone the Great and is held captive there in the magically moved castle of Mad King Ludwig Neuschwanstein , which said wicked wizard has surrounded with an impenetrable wall of man eating gelatin There are trolls, hang glider battles, great green sharks, gymnastics in swordplay, Black Elves, a giant chartreuse septapus named Ralph, and a war in which the most important weapon is perhaps the umbrella Humor, lots of action, and a truly amazing cast of characters.