It is big and it is worth praising Winterlong is a dense, graceful, bullying book of great length and much skill it is a live tale, told in a live voice, by an author of muscle and drive and ambition it shows the depth of talent available in science fiction John Clute, The Washington Post Elizabeth Hand s darkly sensual debut novel took the science fiction and general reading public by storm and now, seven years later, it is available again in a handsome trade paperback edition Heralded as a considerable stylistic and imaginative accomplishment, as noteworthy in its way as Margaret Atwood s The Handmaid s Tale, by People magazine, Winterlong explores the disturbing remains of humanity irrevocably altered by genetic engineering run amok.Amid the ruins of a once great city, a girl and her beautiful long lost twin brother are drawn to the seductive voice of a green eyed boy whose name is Death Together they must journey through a poisoned garden filled with children who kill and beasts that speak all the while resisting the evil that compels them to join in a nightmare ritual of blood that will unleash the power of the ancients and signal the end of humanity.